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Eaton Steel Bar Company (ESBC) employs Kasto and Tsune cold saws to supply gram weight tolerance, precision-cut parts ready for your forging machine or machining center.  Cold saws use a machined circular saw blade that is both accurate and fast.  Our precision cold saws are equipped as needed with robots that handle the material and load the finished parts per your packaging specifications. These saws are suited for high volume, repeating applications with excellent reliability. 

precision-metal-cuttingESBC also supplies cut parts from one of our Kasto band saws.  Band saws use a long blade which provides the ability to accurately cut a wide range of diameter and even cut entire bundles of steel at one time.  Band saws are designed for lower volume jobs due to their quick set up time.

In addition to the cold saws and bands saws, Eaton Steel has tool machine cutting centers that incorporate chamfering, facing, and parts washing and drying.  These precision machine centers are designed for high volume, precision applications.  

We cut, all the steel we sell and provide toll processing for customer-owned material. Please request a quote to contact one of our sales representatives to quote your precision-cut parts needs.  

Benefits of Precision Cutting

  • Cutting yield loss is covered in your price
  • Just-in-time, ready for your machining centers or forging operations
  • Utilize your plant floor space for your operations, not saws and shears
  • Close tolerance cutting eliminates waste
  • Improves finish operations through put
  • Improves cash flow – the payment terms don’t start until you are ready to use the steel
  • Eaton Steel manages and owns the containers for cut parts


Saw TypeMinimum DiameterMaximum DiameterMax Length Finished partTolerance
Cold Saw .625" 6.00" 80" +/- .008"
Band Saw .500" 24.00" 180" +/- .125"