Hercules Steel Cold–Drawn

Hercules Drawn Steel Corporation

Hercules Drawn Steel Corporation is one of the largest cold-finish bar mill in North America, with over 25,000 tons in stock We process cold-drawn steel bar products that are machined into precision parts across a broad range of industrial and consumer categories.

With an annual capacity of 150,000 tons, Hercules produces rounds from 1/4" to 10-1/16”, hexagons from 1/4" to 4", and squares from 1/2" to 3-3/16".

We produce our bars on some of the most advanced and automated drawing lines in the world. Our coil-to-bar lines each have the capability to detect surface cracks, bar mark four sides of shaped pieces, face and chamfer, weigh and bundle in line. Our KZ80 line is capable of making our smaller sizes from 1/4" to 5/8" at 800 feet per minute, speeds never before attained in the cold-drawn bar industry. This new technology will assure our customers that we will be able to keep them profitable and competitive now and in the future.

Our large bar line can produce bars that are mag tested and bar marked on four sides of shapes, in line. We also have the machines to face and chamfer or saw cut the ends of these bars. We also have additional state-of-the-art mag testing and roto bar testing equipment for unique surface testing and quality verification.

We are a one-stop steel supplier. Learn all about our finishing, testing and shipping capabilities here.