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With over 70,000 tons of hot rolled and cold drawn inventory, Eaton Steel Bar Company sometimes has excess stock.  This means savings for you.  Our web specials list changes on a regular basis as we add and delete items. 


Cold Drawn

Item Diameter Description On Hand Price/cwt Min Order
SPECIAL B12.6255/8 CR SQ 1215 12ft811159N
SPECIAL B15.6255/8 CR SQ 1215 15ft10in25566368N


Cold Drawn

Item Diameter Description On Hand Price/cwt Min Order
1010787.393710MM CD HX 12L14 12ft CF1 CGP MT VR2641735N
1004332.5905515MM CD HX 12L14 18ft CGP MT18435N
1017112.6255/8 CD HX 4140ERC 12ft ANN Al-FG MT VR1840845N
1007532.7086618MM CD HX 1215G2 12ft FDB1 CGP MT VR4449035N
10127692.252-1/4 CD HX 1045 12ft FG MT VR1637435N
1008427.281259/32 CD RD 1018HER 12ft MT484435N
1008315.322.322 CD RD 4140 12ft ANN CF1F1 FG MT876440N
1005291.3437511/32 CD RD 1018 12ft FG MT508230N
1013446.4355.4335/.4355 CD RD 12L14 14ft5in F1 CGP MT796035N
1007836.4625.461/.4625 CD RD 12L14 18ft CGP MT2120330N
1014959.477.474/.477 CD RD 1215 18ft CGP MT374730N
1017537.552.552 CD RD 1215G2 12ft CF1 CGP MT3594735N
1017805.554.552/.554 CD RD 1215G2 12ft CF1 CGP MT2225035N
1009253.56259/16 CD RD 11L41R01 12ft CG MT295435N
1015721.68503817.4MM CD RD 1018HER 578.70MM S2 MT2379.230042998475036528313031483230N
1017856.8267721MM CD RD 1144 12ft SRA CF2 CGP MT198035N
1014488.993.991/.993 CD RD 1018 24ft FG MT250530N
10171071.1361.132/1.136 CD RD 1018HER 12ft MT998430N
10136991.181130MM CD RD 4140 12ft ANN FG MT84540N
10032611.3941.394 CD RD 1050DC 14ft7in FG MT VR550730N
10043021.43751-7/16 CD RD 1137 12ft FG MT806530N
10164521.4751.472 CD RD 1144R03 143.75in SBQ S1CF1 CGP MT867930N
10156614.156254-5/32 CD RD 1050SSC 24ft SBQ SRA S2 V-FG MT5109535N

Item Diameter Description On Hand Price/cwt Min Order
10156251.8641.864 CG RD 1045JDAY 22ft_dead EFVD Al-FG MT VR31530N
10125972.252.243/2.246 CG RD 1045 20ft EFVD FG MT249830N

Hot Rolled

Item Diameter Description On Hand Price/cwt Min Order
1014708.56259/16 HR RD 1018 20ft SBQ FG2538029N
1012284.6255/8 HR RD 1035 18ft SBQ FG VR764029N
7546.6255/8 HR RD 1035 18ft SBQ FG274129N
7215.687511/16 HR RD 1035 18ft SBQ FG VR1719229N
1012285.812513/16 HR RD 1035 18ft SBQ FG378029N
186426.812513/16 HR RD 8640 15ft10in SBQ FG USA VR1052025N
7545.8757/8 HR RD 1035 18ft SBQ FG VR361029N
75921.06251-1/16 HR RD 8620 18ft FQ FG961135N
77241.06251-1/16 HR RD 1020 18ft SBQ FG1487029N
10018331.1251-1/8 HR RD 1038 225in SBQ FG450030N
108461.1251-1/8 HR RD 8630RN2 18ft SBQ FG951027N
10119031.18751-3/16 HR RD 1095 14/16ft SBQ FG1729829N
10123141.18751-3/16 HR RD 1035 224in SBQ FG VR2186029N
122241.18751-3/16 HR RD 1035 224in SBQ FG1229029N
148461.18751-3/16 HR RD 1038 18ft SBQ FG583029N
86561.18751-3/16 HR RD 4130RM 18ft FQ FG185030N
10127581.31251-5/16 HR RD 1095 14/16ft SBQ FG2231629N
10117991.51-1/2 HR RD 1065FCM 20ft FG MST3614029N
9061M1.93751-15/16 HR RD 4140ME3 15/18ftMax SBQ EF FG MST VR679530N
10104622.3752-3/8 HR RD 4122CT 18ft/22ft Al-FG4742435N
10177472.752-3/4 HR RD 41B45CT 20ftRL VD FG603035N
10088113.1253-1/8 HR RD 1040MF 20ft SBQ V-FG421829N
10138483.1253-1/8 HR RD 5130CAT 24ft2in VD Al/V-FG2065835N
10142913.3753-3/8 HR RD 1541MYS 18/20ft FQ FG180035N
10012905.1255-1/8 HR RD 1018 24ft min SBQ FG343530N
10105325.1255-1/8 HR RD 4140/42CA 24ft4in SBQ QTSF VD Ca-Al-FG1153635N
93035.755-3/4 HR RD 1144 17/20ft FQ FG1704338N
97596.256-1/4 HR RD 1117HER 16/20ft SBQ2465538N
10149816.56-1/2 HR RD 15B41CT 20ft8in SBQ QTSF FG2770038N
10176426.56.0 HR RD 4122CT2 92.0MM BQ Al-FG1247.69368314783467035235N
92877.757-3/4 HR RD 1144 16/20ft SBQ FG1479738N
97657.757-3/4 HR RD 1117HER 16/20ft SBQ887538N
10176448.58-1/2 HR RD 1011 16/20ft SBQ FG1121530N
101764599 HR RD 1011 16/20ft SBQ FG2436530N
10176469.59-1/2 HR RD 1011 15/19ft SBQ FG417030N
87351010 HR RD 1144 19/23ft SBQ FG557038N
101638910.2510-1/4 HR RD 15B41CT 20ft5in SBQ QTSF FG2930538N
101499110.510-1/2 HR RD 15B41CT 20ft4in SBQ ANN FG2450038N
10085454.54-1/2 HR RS 1018 14/17ft FQ FG MST3066530N

Turned & Polished

Item Diameter Description On Hand Price/cwt Min Order
10145491.251-1/4 TP RD 1018ACF 1.940in FQ FG MT2.96192302586009057427053353643585562766E0330N
10098781.28321.2792/1.2832 TP RD 1530TW 225in SBQ Al-FG VR486630N
10123422.252-1/4 TP RD 1045 20ft_dead FG162035N
10105413.93753-15/16 TP RD 1018 17/20ft FG162035N


Hot Rolled

Item Diameter Description On Hand Price/cwt Min Order
10117396.56-1/2 HR RD 1022FW 20/24ft R/L SBQ EFVD FG1851530N
10105351616 HR RD 4130M1RM 14/18ft SBQ EFVD FG VR7181542.5N

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