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With over 70,000 tons of hot rolled and cold drawn inventory, Eaton Steel Bar Company sometimes has excess stock.  This means savings for you.  Our web specials list changes on a regular basis as we add and delete items. 


Cold Drawn

Item Diameter Description On Hand Price/cwt Min Order
1011021.7086618MM CD HX 1215G2 18ft CGP MT5719$30.001 bundle
1014348.753/4 CD HX 1045 12ft FG MT12064$30.001 bundle
1008394.82677221MM CD HX 12L14 18ft CGP MT7667$30.001 bundle
1006408.937515/16 CD HX 1137R01 12ft CGP BM MT VR16922$30.001 bundle
1010916.937515/16 CD HX 12L14 12ft CGP MT118755$25.001 bundle
10011771.751.745/1.748 CD HX 1045 20ft FG MT6130$30.001 bundle
10126831.93751.9325/1.9425 CD HX 1045 12ft FG MT2044$30.001 bundle
10142071.93751-15/16 CD HX 1045 12ft FG MT18756$30.001 bundle
1007893.31255/16 CD RD 1080 12ft SPA FG MT VR17092$50.001 bundle
1008315.322.322 CD RD 4140 12ft ANN CF1F1 FG MT12764$40.001 bundle
1013181.3594.3594 CD RD 1215 12ft CGP MT16806$30.001 bundle
1014955.393710MM CD RD 1045 20ft FG MT6042$30.001 bundle
1012712.43757/16 CD RD 1080 20ft SPA FG MT19666$30.001 bundle
1007836.4625.461/.4625 CD RD 12L14 18ft CGP MT33310$35.001 bundle
1012621.5118113MM CD RD 1018 24ft FG MT VR1710$30.001 bundle
1003793.552.552 CD RD 1141R01 18ft ANN CGP MT3593$30.001 bundle
1013109.795.795 CD RD 4140QL2 235in ANN Al-FG MT VR54438$40.001 bundle
1007000.9055123MM CD RD 1215 10ft CF1 CGP MT VR8730$30.001 bundle
52988.995.995 CD RD 12L14 12ft CF2 CGP MT VR6548$35.001 bundle
10037081.18111.1791/1.1811 CD RD 12L14 12ft CF1 CGP MT2480$30.001 bundle
10063061.181130MM CD RD 1215MW 12ft ANN CF1 CGP MT MST VR29711$30.001 bundle
10032611.3941.394 CD RD 1050DC 14ft7in FG MT VR5507$30.001 bundle
10043021.43751-7/16 CD RD 1137 12ft FG MT11767$30.001 bundle
100979144 CD RD 1144R03 12ft SBQ SRA S2 CGP RT90067$45.001 bundle

Hot Rolled

Item Diameter Description On Hand Price/cwt Min Order
10035931.43751-7/16 HR HX 1045 42ft7in/32ft3in SBQ FG43210$25.001 bundle
10012242.252-1/4 HR HX 1045SH 15ft SBQ FG USA42795$25.001 bundle
13179.5312517/32 HR RD 4047 7ft9in SBQ FG8800$25.001 bundle
186426.812513/16 HR RD 8640 15ft10in SBQ FG USA VR10520$25.001 bundle
186426SK.812513/16 HR RD 8640 7ft10in SBQ FG USA VR9630$25.001 bundle
14650.8757/8 HR RD 1117R01 18/20ft SBQ CGP4070$25.001 bundle
1013154.937515/16 HR RD 1038 18/20ft SBQ FG8810$25.001 bundle
116771.06251-1/16 HR RD 8630RN2 18ft SBQ FG19200$27.001 bundle
10099931.1251-1/8 HR RD 6150 18/20ftR/L SBQ V-FG MST VR2664$25.001 bundle
108461.1251-1/8 HR RD 8630RN2 18ft SBQ FG73220$27.001 bundle
148461.18751-3/16 HR RD 1038 18ft SBQ FG5830$25.001 bundle
10117991.51-1/2 HR RD 1065FCM 20ft FG MST190180$25.001 bundle
10118001.51-1/2 HR RD 1065FCM 18ft FG MST55090$25.001 bundle
10122441.56251-9/16 HR RD 8630C 18/20ft FG10100$27.001 bundle
10088932.3752-3/8 HR RD 1530TW 189in SBQ Al-FG VR11265$20.001 bundle
10108233.6253-5/8 HR RD 4340 18/20ft FQ FG40520$40.001 bundle
100594344 HR RD 4820H 18/20ft SBQ FG VR28909$55.001 bundle
148945.255-1/4 HR RD 1117HER 17/20ft SBQ5705$40.001 bundle
10176448.58-1/2 HR RD 1011 16/20ft SBQ FG11215$35.001 bundle
101764599 HR RD 1011 16/20ft SBQ FG24365$35.001 bundle
10176469.59-1/2 HR RD 1011 15/19ft SBQ FG4170$35.001 bundle
10085454.54-1/2 HR RS 1018 14/17ft FQ FG MST83755$30.001 bundle

Turned & Polished

Item Diameter Description On Hand Price/cwt Min Order
1007260.925.920/.925 TP RD 4140ME3RM 17/20ft FG6194$30.001 bundle


Hot Rolled

Item Diameter Description On Hand Price/cwt Min Order
10117396.56-1/2 HR RD 1022FW 20/24ft R/L SBQ EFVD FG18515$35.001 bundle
10062361313 HR RD 4130M1RM 21/25ft SBQ EFVD FG VR22900$42.501 bundle
10105351616 HR RD 4130M1RM 14/18ft SBQ EFVD FG VR25065$42.501 bundle
91391010 HR RS 4130S 15/19ft SBQ EFVD FG49930$42.501 bundle
10104011212 HR RS LF2PR 19/22ft AQ EFVD FG107630$42.001 bundle
91491212 HR RS 4130S 21ft/26ft SBQ EFVD FG70205$42.501 bundle

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