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2012 Ends With A Spotlight on Two Fantastic Eaton Steel Employees

Posted on Dec 26, 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, we wanted to recognize two employees at Eaton Steel that are the reason we have become the company that we are today.  Gemel Thompson and Lidiya Gorivodskiy demonstrate the traits that many of our employees at Eaton Steel possess.  Gemel and Lidiya are both extremely hard working and dedicated employees, but both go above and beyond the status quo.

Gemel Thompson

Gemel is the PM Shift Supervisor at Eaton Steel’s Taylor facility.  Nearing his 13th year of service with Eaton (as of February 1, 2013), Gemel starting off at Eaton Steel as a crane operator in 2000.  Through his hard work and by being a quick study, Gemel worked his way up to become a Crew Leader and then to his current position of PM Shift Supervisor in a three year period.  The Eaton Steel Bar Company Management Team also recognized Gemel’s potential and continued his training by sending Gemel to be trained as an Internal Auditor for our Quality System.

eaton steel employee gemel thompson 

Dave Hassien, Plant Manager at Eaton Steel Taylor, said, “Gemel has near perfect attendance, does what it takes to get the job done and is a guy that you want next to you in the trenches!”

Lidiya Gorivodiskiy

Lidiya Gorivodskiy is the Certification Control and Materials Engineering Associate at Eaton Steel Bar Company and is the epitome of professionalism.  Lidiya’s typical day starts at 6:30 am and usually doesn’t end until 6:30 pm.  Her desk is always cluttered with the latest part request, part changes, and daily test reports from the hot mills and testing facilities.  Lidiya’s job is a thankless one, most of the time you never know she is working for the team until she is out for a day.  She is a critical cog in the Eaton Steel Bar Company machine!  

eaton steel employee lidiya gorivodskiy

Andrew Wurts, Eaton Steel Bar Company’s Quality Assurance Manager, said, “Lidiya is willing to help out in any way possible and I’ve never heard her complain about anything, EVER!  She works though everything and always has a smile on her face!”

In discussing Lidiya’s daily duties, Tom Snabes, Titan Metallurgy Corporate Metallurgist, said, “Matching up chemistry, reduction ratio, grain size and many other steel characteristics for each heat of steel. She then matches up a needed test for material for that size, grade or application. What is good for that size is bad for another.   What is bad for that size is good for another size.   What is in specification, what is out of specification and which part to apply it to.  Wow, confused, you bet!  Lidyia keeps it real and us out of trouble.”

Thank you to Lidiya and Gemel for your dedication and hard work! You truly are what make Eaton Steel go!