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New Interns Complete Their First Month At Eaton Steel Bar Company

Posted on Feb 04, 2013

At Eaton Steel Bar Company, our Internship program has become an integral part of our company.  The students in the program really become part of our staff and are integrated into the day to day operations of Eaton Steel Bar Company.  We also know that this is an integral step in the student’s career as they apply the theories they have learned in school to the real world.   ESBC’s goal with the Intern Program is to provide the students an opportunity to grow by exposing them to different aspects of our business. 

As January comes to a close, Paula Tomkiel and Amanda Bryant, will have completed their first month of interning at the Eaton Steel Bar Company.  Paula, a student at Oakland University majoring in Operations Management, started her internship as part of the Sales department.  Amanda, a student at Central Michigan University majoring in Supply Chain Management, has started her internship as part of the Purchasing department. 

Below are Paula’s and Amanda’s thoughts on their first month at the Eaton Steel Bar Company.

Paula Tomkiel

Every morning that I walk into the massive warehouse at Eaton Steel, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of pride to be a part of this company. It’s hard to believe that already a month has passed since beginning my internship at Eaton. There had been so much anticipation leading up to my start date, and I have been pleasantly surprised at the level of satisfaction I found here. 

What makes Eaton Steel stand apart is the tight-knit family atmosphere that is both welcoming and comfortable.  Every employee I have encountered has been incredibly friendly and helpful. Many have not hesitated to tell me how much they enjoy working here, and what a wonderful company Eaton is.

As an intern, my goals are to grow as a professional and to apply the skills and knowledge attained in my business courses, as well as acquiring new ones. Learning about the steel industry has been challenging but exciting. Here at Eaton, I am given tasks that are valuable and offer autonomy.  Whether it’s assisting the sales team with daily responsibilities or working with my internship supervisor analyzing large-scale operations, the work I do is relevant. Particularly exciting, is assisting in the planning of our 60th Anniversary event this upcoming September.

My experience here has energized my interest in business, and widened my outlook on commerce and manufacturing. The opportunity to transfer knowledge into practical skills has been tremendous. I am so thankful and proud to be a part of Eaton Steel, and I plan on continuing to grow and develop with them.

Amanda Bryant

If you would have asked me a year ago today where I would be working, the thought of a steel bar company would have never crossed my mind.  But here I am, a part of the Purchasing department for the past month now, and have learned how to; issue purchase orders for bar and coil steel, create work orders, receive orders, create the bill of ladings, check parts that need to be ordered, and release trucks in order to manage daily shipments. 

The employees here at ESBC have been so helpful and willing to help, that I feel I am treated as part of the team.  No matter how menial the questions might be, there is always someone with expertise ready to answer them.  I know that my contributions and experiences matter in a way that will impact the company.

I am anxious to carry my knowledge from Purchasing into my next role in the Sales Department in order to be exposed to different aspects of the company.  Every day is a new and I anticipate working on some challenging projects that will help me learn, grow, and gain experience.  I am excited to see where my future will be with Eaton Steel, and as far as right now, the sky is the limit!