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Goodman Family Wellness Center Opens!!

Posted on Oct 17, 2013

After months of anticipation from the Eaton Steel Family of Company employees, The Goodman Family Wellness Center opened for business on October 14, 2013.  The GFWC came about during the planning for the Oak Park facility expansion process.  The Goodman’s had considered the plan previously, but due to space constraints were unable to add it until the 90,000 sq. ft. expansion took place.

Although the facility is a large part of the GFWC, the space is not the only benefit being offered to employees.  The Goodman’s and the Eaton Steel Family of companies also brought in Speedline Fitness, which is run by Cliff Ewald.  Cliff and his staff have been involved in the development of the facilities and also have been offering free classes to Eaton employees on living a healthy life style.  Employees will also have the opportunity to work with Cliff’s staff in personal training sessions if they choose.

The feedback from the employees of ESBC has been great as well.  We have had approximately 100 employees go through the physicals and orientation process to become members of the GFWC.   Orientations started on Monday at 2:00 pm and the GFWC had the first employee using the facility shortly thereafter.

Make sure you check back in for updates on the Goodman Family Wellness Center!!