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1117 Hot Rolled SBQ Bar

HR 1117 steel bar is a low carbon grade that has good machinability and surface finish, fair weldability, and superior hardening properties. It is a resulphurized steel with a tough ductile core. Eaton Steel Bar Company stocks many diameters of 1117 hot rolled steel to meet the market demand. We also supply 1117 steel bar to various industries like automotive, construction, construction and motorcycle.

1018 hot-rolled-steel-bar


Typical applications for this grade of steel include gears, shafts, joints, studs and ratchets. Grade 1117 steel is ideal for parts requiring a soft core.

Shapes and Sizes

Eaton Steel Bar Company supplies 1117 steel bar in a variety of sizes ranging from 7/16”- 15”. The shapes available for this grade include:

  • Rounds

Standard "1117 Grade" Chemical Composition

Carbon 0.14-0.20
Manganese 1.00-1.30
Phosphorus (max) 0.040
Sulfur 0.08-0.13


Estimated Mechanical Property Ranges for "Grade 1117"

Tensile strength (psi) 62,000 - 72,000
Yield strength (psi) 34,000 - 44,000
Elongation in 2” (%) 20 - 30
Reduction of area (%) 45 - 55
Brinell Hardness (BHN) 120 - 150