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Eaton Steel Bar Company (ESBC) has been in the steel business for over 60 years. But our owners have been in the people business all their lives. We recognize things change. Many of us have seen communication with our customers' transition from phone, mail, and telegram to EDI transmissions providing data directly to our customers.

commercial-steel-barCommunication within ESBC and specifically within the commercial department has also changed. We employ the latest technology but also sit across from each other to speak face to face for more complete, faster answers for you. Purchasing, materials management, production scheduling and sales are no longer silos at ESBC. Once housed in different offices, all in cubicles, the ESBC commercial team relied on phone and email to get the products for our customers and get them there on time. Today, the entire commercial team is in one office with no walls.

Purchasing and sales sit across from each other with materials management and production scheduling in the center of it all, as it should be. Large screen monitors are at the end of each row of desks allowing each team to work together and see what’s needed in one place. Collaboration is a buzz word in many offices but at ESBC its happening every day, all the time.

Our goal is to get you the answers you need the first time, every time. Give us a call, request a quote or just ask a question. The entire team will be at your service.