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Many high-volume cut piece requirements can take advantage of lower cost, high yield shearing.  Shearing is used for forging and machining applications that do not require a saw cut end.  Eaton Steel Bar Company has five shearing lines including a Ficep high speed shearing line.

steel-supply-chainCold shearing is a process in which steel bars are passed through a die or shear blades, cutting them mechanically.  This mechanical shearing action breaks the bar.  Tolerances and capabilities of cold shearing are governed by the size of the bar and the hardness of the steel.  Different grades of steel have inherently higher or lower hardness.

Benefits of Precision Shearing

  • Fast
  • Low yield loss as there is no kerf loss due to a saw blade
  • Cutting yield loss is covered in your price
  • Just-in-time, ready for your machining centers or forging operations
  • Utilize your plant floor space for your operations, not saws and shears
  • Improves finish operations throughput  
  • Improves cash flow – the payment terms don’t start until you are ready to use the steel
  • Eaton Steel manages and owns the containers for cut parts

Eaton Steel Bar Company Capabilities

EquipmentMinimum DiameterMaximum DiameterMinimum Finished LengthMaximum Finished LengthTolerance
Clinton Shears .625" 2.75" 10" 72" +/- .032"
Slugger Shears .5625" 1.9375" 6" 36" +/- .032"
Ficep  .700"  2.000"  1.5" x dia.  19.75"  +/-10"