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The ownership of Eaton Steel Bar Company saw the challenges coming to the transportation industry over 10 years ago and launched ADICA Trucking and ADICA Logistics.  


Our purpose was to ensure you receive your material per your requirements and on your schedule.  

While our team welcomes your company-owned truck or a 3PL company of your choice, the majority of our customers take advantage of the Eaton Steel family connection to ADICA. If you prefer to use ADICA Trucking or ADICA Logistics to manage your freight directly, submit your requirements, call us at (313) 291-0390, or email us at freight@adicatrucking.com.

If you would like the Eaton Steel team to manage your freight for you, please contact an Eaton Steel sales representative at (800) 527-3851 toll-free, (248) 398-3434 local, or at sales@eatonsteel.com.  Fuel surcharges change monthly.

Fuel RouteStart DateFuel Rate
Detroit Commercial Zone  01-JUL-24 16%
Intrastate - Illinois 01-JUL-24 33%
Intrastate - Indiana 01-JUL-24 33%
Between States 01-JUL-24 33%
Interstate 01-JUL-24 33%
Intrastate - More Than 50 01-JUL-24 22%
Intrastate - Less Than 50 01-JUL-24 16%
Intrastate - Michigan 01-JUL-24 22%
Intrastate - Pennsylvania 01-JUL-24 33%
Intrastate - Texas 01-JUL-24 33%