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Cold finished steel is essentially hot rolled steel that has further processing. Cold finished steel, also known as cold rolled steel, is typically produced as turned bars or cold drawn bars. Cold drawing hot rolled bars is accomplished by pulling (drawing) a bar through a die which is smaller than the incoming hot rolled size.  The cold working process improves the dimensional tolerances of the bar, the straightness, the surface appearance as well as enhancing the physical properties of the steel. Eaton Steel Bar Company via our sister company Hercules Cold Drawn Steel is able to provide ¾" through 9" rough turned and turned and polished.

Cold Finished Bar Capabilities

Eaton Steel Bar Company provides turned rounds and cold drawn rounds, squares, and hexagons in sizes ranging from 1/4” through 9”.  With over 10,000 climate controlled racks in our Taylor Distribution Center, we are able to supply quality product just-in-time to your door. 

Cold Finished Steel Benefits

There are several benefits to using cold finished steel bar. Some of these benefits include:

Size & Roundness Cold rolled steel has tighter size and roundness tolerances.
Straightness The straightness is more precise than hot rolled steel.
Surface Finish Cold finished steel is smooth and can be used for a variety of applications.
Mechanical Properties The need for heat treatments are often eliminated due to the increased yields and tensile strength of cold finished steel.
Machinability When using lower carbon grades, the machinability is improved, which leads to a better tool life.

Turning hot rolled bars is a cold machining process, which removes the surface of the hot rolled bars, improving their dimensional control while removing superficial features of the hot rolled bars which may be detrimental to the surface of the parts produced.

To learn more about the quality and composition of our steel, read the Eaton Steel Bar Handbook! 

Read the Eaton Steel Bar Handbook

Cold Rolled Steel Bar Applications

While most industries, like construction, utilize cold rolled steel. there are common applications for this steel such as:

  • Gears and shafts
  • Oil and water well shafting
  • Industrial buildings
  • Products which demand a defect-free surface

Cold Rolled Steel Bar Process

All Eaton Steel cold-drawn bars are also produced with our proprietary surface inspection equipment.cold-finished-cd-racksEddy current, roto–bar testing or mag testing are all available and used as required. The modification of the ultimate tensile strength, the yield strength, and the elongation of the bars assists by improving machinability and chip formation.  

Cold rolled steel bars are commonly classified in the following ASTM specifications:

  • ASTM A 29
  • ASTM A 108

All Eaton Steel cold drawn bars meet the following specifications for the following:

  • AISI
  • SAE
  • JIS
  • DIN