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What is Cold Drawn Steel Bar?

Cold drawing hot rolled bars is accomplished by pulling (drawing) a bar through a die which is smaller than the incoming hot rolled size.

The Process Of Cold Drawing Steel Bars

The “cold working” process improves the dimensional tolerances of the bar, the straightness, and the surface appearance and enhances the physical properties of the steel.  All Eaton Steel cold drawn bars are also produced with our in line proprietary surface inspection equipment.  Eddy current, roto-bar testing or mag testing are also available in our off-line testing center and employed per your specifications. Machinability and improved chip formation are enhanced by the elevated physical properties. 

Size Ranges

  • Rounds .250” through 6”
  • Hexagons .250” through 4”
  • Squares .500” through 3.0625”

Grades & Specifications

Eaton Steel provides a wide variety of grades in cold drawn bars.   Cold finished bars are commonly classified in the following ASTM specifications for AISI, SAE, JIS, DIN and other commercially available grades:

  • AISI
  • SAE
  • JIS
  • DIN
  • Customer specific available on request

Grade Size Shapes
1018 5/16"-11”
1022 1 1/4"-2”
1045 5/16"-8½”
1117 7/16”-4”
1141 1”-11”
1144 1”-11”
1144 A-311 1”-11”
12L14 5/16”-11”
1215 5/16”-11”
8620 7/16”-11”
86L20 7/16”-4”
4340 1½”-11”
41L40 1½"-4"
4140 LPA 5/6”-6”


  • Improved dimensional tolerances
  • Improved straightness capability
  • Minimizes stock removal improving equipment performance and tool life
  • 100% surface inspected to ASTM A-108 or better tolerances
  • Improved mechanical properties aiding machinability and strength for applications
  • Available in round, square, hexagon and profile shapes

Typical Operations and Applications Using Cold Drawn Bars

The below are a few of the many applications using cold drawn bars for their raw material:

  • Screw machines
  • CNC lathes
  • CNC mills
  • Rotary transfer machining
  • Hydraulic fittings
  • Gears
  • Bushings
  • Fasteners
  • Cylinders
  • Pipe fittings

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