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With over 70,000 tons of hot rolled and cold drawn inventory, Eaton Steel Bar Company sometimes has excess stock.  This means savings for you.  Our web specials list changes on a regular basis as we add and delete items. 


Cold Drawn

Item Diameter Description On Hand Price ($) Min Order
12741.7187523/32 CD HX 12L14 12ft FDB1 CGP MT14025CallN
10030202.52-1/2 CD HX 11L37BS 12ft CF1 MT11920CallN
102068533 CD SQ 1018 5ft4in SBQ FG MT7336CallN

Hot Rolled

Item Diameter Description On Hand Price ($) Min Order
9046M.937515/16 HR RD 4140ME3 236 in SBQ FG MST VR22034CallN
10177472.752-3/4 HR RD 41B45CT 20ftRL VD FG6030CallN
10179724.254-1/4 HR RD 4130M1AB 18/22ft SBQ QT EFVD FG1975CallN
72734.254-1/4 HR RD 1141QL2 17/20ft SBQ Al/V/Nb-FG34358CallN
126895.755-3/4 HR RD 4150M 20/23ft SBQ VD FG1589CallN
92857.257-1/4 HR RD 1144 16/20ft SBQ FG7511CallN
1037999 HR RD 1144 16/20ft SBQ FG VR16834CallN
103769.59-1/2 HR RD 1144 16/20ft SBQ FG37230CallN
101499110.510-1/2 HR RD 15B41CT 20ft4in SBQ ANN FG12245CallN
873610.510-1/2 HR RD 1144 16/20ft SBQ FG39695CallN
101334811.511-1/2 HR RD 4130M1AB 12/18ft SBQ EFVD FG6235CallN
97741212 HR RD 1117HER 13/17ft SBQ22760CallN

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