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Hot Rolled, Special Bar Quality steel bars (SBQ) are the foundation of the steel bar industry.  

Hot rolled steel bar is produced from iron ore or most commonly from recycled scrap metal in electric arc furnaces. Temperatures nearing 3,000 F liquefy the scrap which is cast in molds to produce an ingot or a billet. These ingots and/or billets are reheated to 2,000 F and forced through a series of machined rolls to form the round, square or hexagon shapes. Hot Rolled bars are the primary feedstock for many forging and machining applications and are used in their “as rolled” condition. Typical applications include bolts, fasteners, hydraulic pipe, fittings, gear blanks, shafts, tank flanges, wheel hubs, connecting rods, pistons and more. Read about the industries who use these products. 

Hot Rolled Grades

Grade Size Shapes
1018 1/2”-17”
1020 7/8”-2”
1030 5/8”-4”
1035 7/16”-3½”
1040 2”-2½”
1045 5/8”-16”
1060 23/32”-3½”
1117 7/16”-15”
1141 3/4"-10”
1144 5/8"-12”
1215 5½"-8½”
1541 1¼"-2½”
A105 3/4"-5½”
8620 5/8”-15”
8620H 5½"-8½”
8630 7/8”-3”
8640 3/4”-3”
4340 1/2”-15”
4130 1¼”-15”
4140 7/16”-15”
4140H 2½”-15”
4140 P110 3”-12”
4150 7/8”-15”
F1554 GR 55 .910”-3”
F1554 GR 105 .910”-3”

Hot Rolled SBQ bars are classified commonly in the following ASTM and SAE specifications:

  • SAE J403 Carbon Steel Bars
  • SAE J404 Alloy Steel Bars
  • ASTM A 29
  • ASTM A 322
  • ASTM A 576 Special Bar Quality Steel Bars
  • ASTM A 304 H Band Steel Bars
  • ASTM A 434 BC & BD
  • ASTM A 193 B7 Quench and Tempered Steel Bars


Eaton Steel Bar Company provides Hot Rolled SBQ rounds, round-cornered-squares, and hexagons and maintains the largest inventory of SBQ carbon and alloy bar products for the forging and machining industries in North America. We deliver more than 500 hot-rolled steel bar products as well as custom grades based on your specifications that are hot, warm and cold forged and machined into precision parts across a broad range of industrial and consumer categories.  

Our four locations in the metropolitan Detroit area include approximately 800,000 square feet of production and warehouse space on over 40 acres of land. We also stock steel at warehouses around the country, which allows us to ship and deliver the same day to manufacturers and service centers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  


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