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Other companies provide hot rolled and cold drawn bar mill products but Eaton Steel provides a complete realm of services to eliminate the challenges you face in your entire supply chain.  Below are some of the areas we specialize in to make this happen. Many of the unseen costs in your supply chain are eliminated at Eaton Steel.   

Warehousing/managing inventory

  • Eaton Steel maintains up to 100,000 tons of steel in 500 grades in its warehouses, and it has the capacity to completely manage your inventory for you.
  • In house quench and temper at Apollo heat treatment

First operation blanking

  • Precision sawing, shearing, and OEM Tube cutting and chamfering delivered just when you need it for your machining or forging processes

Long lead times for low volume orders 

  • Eaton Steel's robust inventory management systems can keep your production line running with just in time deliveries regardless of volume.

Mill allocations or late deliveries from mills

  • Eaton Steel has strong relationships with the best steel mills in the U.S. and key mills abroad. We order in volume and anticipate demand so our customers do not feel the pinch of allocations or delayed mill deliveries.

Quality assurance, testing and certification

  • Titan Metallurgy is an in-house company with significant capability to test and certify products delivered to customers. Read more about Titan Metallurgies capabilities.  


  • ADICA Logistics and ADICA Trucking are in-house companies with sophisticated software systems and a fleet of 125 under contract. Together they take care of all logistics issues for customers, with delivery in any mode of transportation, direct from Eaton or Hercules Steel depots. Our customer-focus means just-in-time deliveries, even for irregular demands or low volume orders. Read more about ADICA Trucking and ADICA Logistics. 

Cash flow 

  • By timing deliveries and lowering customer inventories, Eaton frees up cash or eases cash flow. Eaton’s payment and credit terms are competitive for qualified customers.

Keeping your focus on your customers

  • Eaton Steel takes care of you with complete solutions. When Eaton steel is your supplier, you can focus on your customers, not your steel supply chain.