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Hot Rolled and Cold Drawn Special Bar Quality (SBQ) rounds, squares and hexes are the DNA of Eaton Steel. We are the largest SBQ distributor in North America providing more than 300,000 tons of steel bars annually.

Eaton Steel produces more than 500 stock parts and customized chemistries based on your specifications. Alloy additions to the steel provide a greater depth of capability for your engineers as they design your products. Below is a list of commonly used alloying elements and their general effect on SBQ steel bars.

ElementPercentagePositive AttributesNegative Attributes
Carbon   Strength Ductility
    Hardness Weldability
Manganese 0.30/1.15 Surface Quality Machinability
    (Favoring MnS to FeS inclusions) Weldability
    Strength Machinability
  1.20/1.65   Weldability
    Surface Quality  
  Over 1.65 Hardenability Machinability
Phosphorus 0.040 Max (No special benefits) Ductility, Toughness
  0.04/0.12 Machinability Ductility, Toughness
    (Desirable chip formation) Impact Resistance
Sulfur Under ~ 0.006 Surface Quality Machinability
    (Due to absence of sulfur) (Poor chip formation)
  0.01/0.05 (No special benefits) Chemical Impurity
  0.06/0.40 Machinability Traverse Properties
    Additive Impact Resistance
      Cold Formability
Silicon 0.10/0.40 Deoxidizer Machinability
  Over 1.00 Strength of Ferrite Machinability
    Sag Resistance Decarburization
    (Spring Steel)  
Nickel 0.01/0.25 Strength (Microalloy) Machinability
  0.30/0.80 Hardenability Machinability
  ~1.00/4.00 Low-Temperature Machinability
Chromium 0.01/0.25 Strength (Microalloy) Machinability
  0.30/0.80 Hardenability Machinability
  ~1.00/2.00 Abrasion Resistance (Carbide Formation) Machinability
    High Temperature Strength  
Molybdenum 0.08/.060 Hardenability Machinability
    Creep Strength Weldability
    High Temperature  
Copper 0.20 Max. Strength (Microalloy) Surface Quality
  0.20/0.50 Corrosion Resistance Surface Quality
  Over 1.00 Yield Strength (Alloy) Ductility
      Impact Resistance
Nitrogen 0.020 Max. Strength (Microalloy) Cold Formability
    Yield Strength (Microalloy) Ductility
Aluminum   Deoxidizer Machinability
    Grain Refiner  
  0.95/1.30 Ability to Nitride  
Columbium   Deoxidizer Machinability
    Grain Refiner Weldability
    Strength (Microalloy) Toughness
    Carbide Formation Hardenability (via Carbon Impoverishment)
Vanadium 0.05/0.20 Deoxidizer Machinability
    Grain Refiner Ductility
    Strength (Microalloy)  
    Wear Resistance  
Titanium   Deoxidizer Machinability
    Grain Refiner  
    Nitrogen Scavenger  
Boron 0.0005 Min. Hardenability Weldability
    Nitrogen Scavenger Low-Temperature
Lead/Bismuth 0.10/0.40 Machinability Embrittlement @ 600+ Degree F
Tellurium   Machinability Surface Quality (Member of Sulfur Family)
    (Sulfide Inclusion Modifier)  
Calcium   Machinability Susceptibility to Rolling Contact Fatigue
    Inclusion Modifier